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You've heard of

Samsung phones

But what about

Samsung coal?

Right now Samsung is on the verge of signing a deal to build a huge coal fired power station in a fishing village in coastal Vietnam, Vung Ang 2.

Coal plants like Vung Ang 2 spew million of tonnes of carbon emissions into the air, which speeds up global warming and pollutes surrounding areas. It's bad news for Samsung, and for our climate.

Samsung needs to know that its current and potential customers aren’t happy with their company building coal power projects in Vietnam.  You can take action by recording a video to tell Samsung on Twitter that if it builds the Vung Ang 2 coal power project, you’ll never buy a Samsung device!

use your voice!

Video instructions

Here’s our easy 3-step process:


Set up your phone in landscape mode for filming.


Film a video of up to 30 seconds telling Samsung that you don’t want them to build new coal power. If you're a Samsung customer, then be sure to mention that. Most importantly, say the phrase “If Samsung builds Vung Ang 2, I’ll never buy a Samsung device”!


On your phone, tap the button below to post your video to Twitter - be sure to add your saved video to the tweet (tap on the photo icon to do this, then select your video) before posting it!

The Tweet will be pre-populated with the following text: "If @Samsung builds Vung Ang 2, I’ll never buy a Samsung device #badcallSamsung."

​Feel free to customise the wording of the tweet (for instance, if you're a Samsung customer, you may want to update it to "I'll never buy another Samsung device". Just be sure to include @Samsung and #badcallSamsung to make sure they get the message!

See what others are saying:


People in Seoul, Tokyo, London, and California have responded to Samsung's support for coal, protesting outside Samsung stores and offices.

Diggers excavating a coal mine. 



#WrongCallOnCoal is supported by

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